Why our approach is unique

The challenge: Can you afford “business as usual”.

At one level the next few years are very much 'business as usual'. Delivering the very best is what you live and breathe. But how will you survive and thrive in the toughest ever market conditions, with severe financial pressures for perhaps the next decade.? You understand better than anyone that, as always success critically depends on your people. People are at the heart of all improvement, and however good they are, much more will be required of them as you face possibly the toughest ever test of their ability, commitment and tenacity. You will be actively seeking new and better ways to secure their full contribution to far more demanding improvement goals, to maximise productivity and creating innovation.

The answer: Transform how your people work together.

Our name derives from the fact that organisations are transformed when people fully mobilise behind an inspiring business vision and common purpose. We work with your teams and individuals to deliver the most important business issues they face.
It is how we achieve this that is so unique.

Focus on processes and people.

Many business improvement initiatives fail through only focusing on business structures, systems and processes without changing people. Your peoples' attitudes to themselves and others, their behaviours, and how they work together are what will drive the real changes you are looking for. To change your business you have to change your people.

Solutions that tackle the real issues.

The barriers to improvement are to do with the way people think, act, behave and relate to one another. We help to identify and address these issues. We are not saying that you don't understand what is going on in your business, but like everything to do with people, this is complex and can seem hard to measure or change. Often businesses can tackle the wrong problem, or a symptom, rather than the problem itself. The benefit for you of our approach is that you have an accurate and detailed picture of the real issues, and how to fully engage your people.

We work with your management teams, and individuals on the most important business issues. The benefits for you are that they get clarity and focus on the changes they need to make, relate their work to the business vision, set and deliver clear action plans, and improve their relationships and functioning.

Measure your success.

How often do you really know whether your business improvement initiatives have achieved what you wanted? One of the major benefits of our approach is that you can measure your success! You have the confidence of knowing you have tackled the right issues, and set clear, achievable culture and behavioural change goals. Whatever the intervention, we will help you measure the results, equipping you for lasting change.

Take a fresh look at how you commission business partners for organisational change.

You will almost certainly be looking afresh at what you commission from external partners. More than ever before, anything you buy-in must dramatically improve your results. We can add the greatest value, and deliver the greatest savings by being involved at the drawing board stage in major changes and improvements. What's more, it does not have to take for ever all cost a fortune.

Organisations we work with include public bodies and their partners, commercial businesses, and third sector providers. We have worked with over
50 organisations. Our wide experience as consultants and managers has enabled us to develop a strong track record in supporting successful organisational improvement. We combine this with an in-depth understanding of, and passionate commitment to helping you achieve your goals. We can work successfully at any level in your business, and alongside your existing business partners.