Your Needs

1. Corporate Management: Improving the whole organisation.

The benefit of working at the level of the whole organisation is that you develop clear plans in the following areas:

• Developing vision and corporate values.
• Developing a long-term strategy for business development.
• Identifying and making plans for addressing customer and market trends.
• Corporate business planning.
• Clarifying strategic priorities, roles and responsibilities.
• Developing work stream and project planning.
• Corporate performance improvement.
• Building organisational engagement and commitment.

in addition, for public sector clients, we can support you to:

• Secure budget savings in line with community aspirations.
• Engage the customers in redefining organisational role and services.
• Developing a long-term strategy for service improvement / development.
• identifying and making plans for addressing future trends.

2. Managing change to achieve your desired outcomes.

Change presents different opportunities and threats. For many it is about growth and development. For our public sector clients, delivering change of the sheer magnitude now required, will demand something extra as service users, managers, staff and partners come to terms with new services, new roles and even greater expectations. Staff will also have to live with heightened threats to personal job security and career development. We can help to:-

• Audit current attitudes and readiness to change.
• Develop and deliver robust change project plans.
• Delivered challenging messages in a motivating way.
• Foster open communication with workforce, to build positivity, clarity, trust and cooperation.
• Support staff in aligning to new roles, responsibilities and skills.
• Help manage the impact of cuts and rebuild morale.

3. Delivering business transformation and continuous improvement.

Transformation is always at the centre of your thinking as you build on your success of the last few years in a climate of continuous change and redefinition of everything you do. Work with us to secure the full engagement of your staff to oven more demanding improvement goals.

• Identify and remove barriers to transformation.
• Redesign services/ products.
• Map, review and improve work processes.
• Implement redesigned services.
• Build a customer service culture and skills.
• Improve inspection results.
• Measure the impact of service transformation.

4. Securing effective performance management.

Whilst recent years have seen huge improvements, many organisations are still tolerating poor performance; either through inadequate measurement systems, toothless employment policies, but much more significantly, a management ethos or behaviours that fail to get the best out of people. Even in the best organisations performance management can never be too good!

We can help you:

• Link performance management to strategic planning.
• Agree performance standards.
• Develop performance management systems and processes.
• Improve performance management skills.
• Support managers to deal with performance issues.

5. Getting it right for your customer.

Excellent customer service is central to the success of any business. This means much more than just training front line staff, though we can do this for you as well! Involve us when you need to:

• Build customer service culture.
• Review and improve procedures, and working methods.
• Develop effective relationships between internal, and with external customers.
• Overcome blocks to service excellence.
• Support managers to champion excellent service.

6. Developing the effectiveness of your partnerships and contracts.

The key to the success of partnerships and contract management lies in having the right business processes and relationships in place. By involving us as your partner at the drawing board stage, we can help you ensure that the new arrangements are fit for purpose, are clearly understood, and that the people are equipped to make them work. If your partnerships are not working or you are not getting what you need from your contractors, we can help you understand the underlying causes of the problem and deliver action to put it right. This may result in our working directly with your partner organisations.

7. Developing the skills of your leaders and managers.

Good leaders deliver dramatically improved results. We aim to help leaders shift their thinking about their role and power so they can fundamentally transform businesses for the better. Whatever the service area or challenge, we help identify development needs related to the business strategy, and create highly effective individual, and group programmes, including behaviour profiling, workshops, action learning programmes, coaching, and top level facilitation.