Employee Research

We utilise a range of employee research tools based on individual and group diagnostics and electronic surveying. Our electronic surveys are quick to complete and analyse. We will help you identify what you want to measure and work with you to capture the diversity of your organisation. Surveys can be designed for teams, departments, or whole organisations and to build on existing survey data.

Though culture surveying is common these days, many organisations are unsure how to act on the results. This means that the real changes required are often not fully understood or addressed. We will produce a report allowing you to highlight exactly what needs to be done, where and how. We help you to pinpoint measurable goals to address short, medium, and longer-term priorities and can resurvey later to measure success and achievement. We are not interested in surveying for its own sake, but to help you effect real improvement based on accurate data.

  • Audit current attitudes and readiness to change across the board or in specific areas.
  • Test perceptions about causes of poor performance.
  • Address root causes of performance and productivity challenges and better understand sensitive multifaceted issues.
  • Develop accurate data to inform decision-making and ongoing improvement.
  • Develop a clear and achievable project plan.