Our Services

Executive & Management Coaching.

Coaching is the most powerful tool known for personal development. It is one of the main tools we will use for effecting change.

Executive Coaching

In our experience the most successful executives and managers are those who recognise and seek out opportunities to be the very best. Our coaching programmes for all levels of management are affirming, extremely challenging, and completely focused on enabling the executive to deliver her/his goals.

Our coaches can work with executives to:-

  • Secure and operate strategic planning.
  • Think outside the box to develop totally creative solutions.
  • Solve the toughest challenges.
  • Create and deliver an inspiring vision.
  • Acquire new skills and insights.
  • Having a sounding board and good support.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Inspire high-performance.

We are flexible about when and where executive coaching takes place, and can offer it out of office hours or on the phone.

Our powerful four-stage approach to coaching has yielded substantial change for our clients:

  1. Conduct three-way goal setting to get clear agreement between the coachee, the coach, and the coaches line manager about the areas to be worked on.
  2. Conduct programme of coaching sessions (typically six of one hour)
  3. Coachee and their line manager review the programme achievements through normal performance management channels.
  4. Three-way programme review between the coachee, the coach, and the coaches line manager to evidence achievement of coaching goals.