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Mediation is very valuable to use between individuals where relationships have broken down or where it is challenging. Personality clashes are a huge reason preventing organisational effectiveness. Mediation enables the individuals to move forward and repair the problems that are hampering the business in developing. Normally the process would be:

  1. Conduct three-way goal setting with each of the parties to the mediation to get clear agreement between each individual, the mediator, and the individuals line manager about the areas to be worked on.
  2. When this has been achieved (it is usually a straightforward process):-
  3. Conduct programme of individual and joint meetings to resolve the issues and achieve the mediation goals.
  4. The individual and their line manager review the programme achievements through regular normal performance management channels.
  5. Joint programme review between individuals, their managers, and the mediator to evidence achievement of the mediation goals.
  6. Ongoing action plan resulting from above meeting to sustain the achievements of the mediation program.