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Measuring team and individual effectiveness.

When ever you need to improve performance, it is essential to understand exactly what needs to improve! Organisations often waste large amounts of money on generic training programmes that do not address the real performance challenges! We can help you to gain an accurate and objective picture to establish a benchmark for improvement.

We will profile the performance of your teams to fully understand their strengths and weaknesses to capitalise on the strengths and deal with the weaknesses. We will also measure team dynamics. This has a powerful positive or negative effect on how a team functions, creating the synergy through which work gets done, and giving a team a power that is greater than the sum of its parts. We can assess how effectively individuals fulfil the requirements of their job role, including the impact of their behaviours on others, and on the business.

We will always give you detailed and highly empowering personal and written feedback. This will allow you to develop exact action plans for the teams and individuals.

We will measure team and individual effectiveness through:

a) Observation.

Allows you to see your staff in action in real situations and identify their strengths, weaknesses, and team contributions live. You can pinpoint very precise changes they need to make to improve their effectiveness.

b) Psychometric testing.

Helps you develop an objective picture of people strengths and weaknesses, team roles, preferences, and likely behaviour in specified situations. It allows you to benchmark against national and international standards.

c) 360° feedback.

You can build up a detailed analysis of an individual or team's functioning by consulting team, peers and reports. This gives your managers invaluable data about how they are viewed by others.